Our History

The project started in  Istituto Tecnico Industriale A. Rossi in Vicenza in 2013  under the name “Mini StartUp a Scuola”, an idea by Nicola Simonetti then member of the Parents’ Committee. Right from the start the aim was to discover the creativity and talents in students, aged between 16 and 18, and teach them the values and experiences of the entrepreneurial  world. Supported by the school and the Parents’ Committee, in 2018 the project changed identity and became StartUp Work Academy.

In May 2014 the project was presented for the first time to the third years and the first ideas and projects were approved and initiated in September of the same year.


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After”taking off” in Rossi, in 2018 StartUp Work Academy presented  the project to other schools in Vicenza as well as to associations, institutions and businesses, creating a complete Network in the sole interest of the students.

The journey continues…hop on board!